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Menu for group

The group-like menu rate, please feel free to contact us!

I always have favorable receptions about (local production for local consumption) menus using seasonal ingredients. Obtain Dangojiru; the sky, Bungo righteye flounder, Sekiaji, Sekisaba, yellowtail caught in the coldest season, car prawns of Himeshima, Bungo cow. Using ingredients of the native district, I make menus to the needs of the customer according to a budget.
I do Kotobuki and can prepare for the menu, too.
①≪I am quite absorbed in a noted product≫
②≪The kita* low dining table sixth≫
③≪The cherry tree low dining table fifth≫
④≪Cherry tree flower basket set≫
⑤≪haruka (far) low dining table≫
⑥≪The sum (relief) low dining table≫
⑦≪The low dining table that it is the cold season since then≫
⑧≪Nakatsu pike conger low dining table≫
⑨≪Sekisaba Sekiaji low dining table≫
Inter-Village cherry tree
2 of six sets of Takenouchi, Beppu-shi, Oita

Administration: Diamond Corporation
Beppu-shi, Oita larger section of a village Tsurumi 1915-1

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