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I enjoy taste and a special product of Beppu!
Please relax with oasis "interchange Village cherry tree" of Beppu slowly.
I have it for a heart of "the hospitality".

Chairperson greetings

Of sightseeing in Beppu is based, and lunch has a lot a product, a souvenir of Oita from the start, and our company located in the place blessed with location requirements contacts for a heart of "the hospitality" in visitors in order to answer the request of more visitors.
With oasis "interchange Village cherry tree of Beppu," please relax relaxedly. I wait for the visit of the visitor heartily.

News from a cherry tree

As for sightseeing in Beppu, leave it to inter-Village Sakura.
With the souvenir section largest in taste, Oita prefecture of Oita
Japanese-style restaurant, special product, guidebook♪♪
The Beppu village station "meal Aya puraza interchange Village cherry tree" is located in the base of sightseeing in Beppu that I brought into closest contact in the high easy method Beppu interchange and is the facilities which multipurpose, is available such as a meal, shopping, a break.
As eating and drinking facilities, there are "Japanese style restaurant Ougiyama" that opened in July, 2012 (52 seats) and a take-out food shop "cherry" including group eating and drinking facilities "prospects restaurant cherry tree" of up to 800 accommodation (the Japanese food main constituent).
I look forward to the visit of all of you for all the employees "heart of the hospitality".
Various cards come for shopping by use ginren card
Always without holiday
The large-scale sightseeing bus 30 accommodation (the car 70 accommodation)
800 simultaneous accommodation prospects restaurants

Event introduction of the season

Nakatsu fried chicken

 GW information!

GW will be finally open.
"Jumbo takoyaki hot from the oven" and Class B are gourmet with the inter-Village cherry tree and they prepare and wait for "strawberry software" of much-talked-about "Nakatsu fried chicken" spring.
The new product arrival!

The new product arrival!

To an inter-village cherry tree, I have fresh marine products and special product in number of articles richness. When you come to Beppu-shi, Oita, come to inter-village Sakura by all means!
Diamond Corporation
Beppu-shi, Oita larger section of a village Tsurumi 1915-1
TEL. 0977-23-3040

・Product of Oita, souvenir sale

[inter-Village cherry tree]
2 of six sets of Takenouchi, Beppu-shi, Oita
TEL. 0977-25-5211
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