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Chairperson greetings

Chairperson Sumitaka Hoshino
Of sightseeing in Beppu is based, and lunch has a lot a product, a souvenir of Oita from the start, and our company located in the place blessed with location requirements contacts for a heart of "the hospitality" in customers in order to answer the request of more customers.
In oasis "Inter-Village cherry tree of Beppu," please relax relaxedly. I wait for the visit of the customer heartily.

News from a cherry tree

As for sightseeing in Beppu, leave it to me in Inter-Village cherry tree.
With the souvenir section largest in taste, Oita prefecture of Oita
Japanese-style restaurant, special product, guidebook♪♪
The Beppu village station "meal Aya puraza Inter-Village cherry tree" is located in the base of the Beppu sightseeing that I brought into closest contact in the high easy method Beppu interchange and is the facilities which multipurpose, are available such as a meal, shopping, a break.
As eating and drinking facilities, there are "Japanese-style restaurant Ougiyama" that opened in July, 2012 (52 seats) and a take-out food shop "cherry" including group eating and drinking facilities "Fine-view restaurant cherry tree" of up to 800 accommodation (the Japanese food main constituent).
I look forward to your visit for all the employees "heart of the hospitality".
Various cards come for shopping by use ginren card
Always without holiday
The large-scale sightseeing bus 30 accommodation (the car 70 accommodation)
800 simultaneous accommodation Fine-view restaurant
Inter-Village cherry tree
2 of six sets of Takenouchi, Beppu-shi, Oita

Administration: Diamond Corporation
Beppu-shi, Oita larger section of a village Tsurumi 1915-1

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