For a heart of the hospitality,
I greet it.
As for sightseeing in Beppu, leave it to me in Inter-Village cherry tree.
Many customers who come to come from home and abroad are surely satisfied
Including a Japanese restaurant of a lot of taste of Oita,
In the souvenir section largest in the Oita prefecture where a special product and souvenirs form a line guidebooks.
As a base of sightseeing in Beppu, please drop in casually.
Sakura Greeting
As for sightseeing in Beppu, leave it to me in Inter-Village cherry tree.
Taste of Oita, a souvenir sales floor largest in Oita prefecture and Japanese-style restaurant, special product, guidebook.
The Beppu village station "meal Aya puraza Inter-Village cherry tree,"
It is located in the base of sightseeing in Beppu whom I brought into closest contact in the high easy method Beppu interchange and is the facilities which multipurpose, are available including a meal
, shopping, the break.
As eating and drinking facilities including group eating and drinking facilities "Fine-view restaurant cherry tree" of up to 800 accommodation (the Japanese food main constituent),
There are "Japanese style restaurant Ougiyama" that opened in July, 2012 (52 seats) and a take-out food shop "cherry".
I look forward to your visit for all the employees "heart of the hospitality".
Various cards come for shopping by use ginren card.
Always/large size sightseeing bus 30 accommodation (the car 70 accommodation)/800 simultaneous accommodation Fine-view restaurant without holiday
From the foreign countries to the customer
The menu for the customer overseas in the Inter-Village cherry tree
As I make it to a budget, please feel free to contact us.
Including Korea, Taiwan, China of the neighborhood,
I have Thailand, Singapore, a Malaysian customer enjoy it.
The 2F size restaurant overlooking Beppu Bay
Big sadesu called 800 simultaneous accommodation.
The north from Fukuoka the south to Kagoshima
I handle the special product which selected carefully of each Kyushu prefecture.
Seasonal event introduction
In the Inter-Village cherry tree,
I hold the arrival of the new product and various events every season.
"Nakatsu fried chicken" much-talked-about in "jumbo takoyaki hot from the oven" and Class B gourmets
I prepare spring "strawberry software" and look forward to it.
Please use it in the base of sightseeing in Beppu.
There is the Inter-Village cherry tree in the place of three minutes by car from Beppu Interchange,
When was come to Beppu, for a break of the long car movement and a meal,
When you are back, it is available as an attendant of the purchase and the trip of a break, the souvenir to Beppu.
〒2 TEL of six sets of 874-0841 Takenouchi, Beppu-shi, Oita: 0977-25-5211 FAX: 0977-25-7511
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